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CPF Nomination in Singapore

CPF nomination in Singapore gives you the option to specify who should receive what amount of your CPF monies. CPF nomination in Singapore covers monies in your CPF ordinary, special, retirement and medisave accounts. It also includes any unused CPF Life premiums.

Properties bought using CPF funds, investments acquired using the CPF investment scheme and payouts from the Dependants’ Protection Scheme (DPS) are not included in the CPF nomination.


What Happens if No CPF Nomination is Made?

You should make a CPF nomination as you will be able to distribute your CPF monies according to your wishes.

What happens if no CPF nomination is made? Your CPF monies will be distributed by the Public Trustee’s Office to your family members as per the rules under Section 7 of the Intestate Succession Act or an Inheritance Certificate for Muslims. The Public Trustee’s Office (PTO) charges a fee for the administration and distribution of your unnominated CPF monies.

In the event that the Public Trustee’s Office cannot contact your family members for the purpose of the administration of your unnominated CPF monies, the PTO will post a notice on the government’s Unclaimed Monies website.

All CPF members at the age of 16 and above who are mentally sound will be able to make a CPF nomination. Even bankrupts are able to do so. CPF monies are protected from claims by creditors or the Official Assignee.


Who Can Be a CPF Nominee?

Any person or organization can be a CPF nominee.

An organization can be nominated if it is a separate legal entity.

A child under the age of 18 can also be nominated. However, his/ her share will be held by the PTO until the nominee reaches 18 years old and the CPF monies will be earning an interest during the period it is held on trust. A fee will be charged for the amount of interest.

You do not need to nominate family members. You can nominate a friend if you wish to.

You can appoint any number of nominees. An additional CPF nomination form will need to be submitted if you are submitting your CPF nomination in person. If you are making your CPF nomination online, you can nominate up to 8 people.

What happens if the CPF nominee dies? If one of the nominees were to pass away before you, his/ her share will be distributed to the surviving nominees.

CPF nomination details are kept confidential.


CPF Nomination Options

There are 3 options that you can choose:

1. Cash nomination option: your nominees will receive the monies in cash.

2. Enhanced Nomination Scheme (ENS): your nominees will receive the CPF monies in their CPF accounts.

3. Special Needs Savings Scheme (SNSS): you can nominate a child with special needs to receive monthly payouts.

If no selection is made, the default option is the cash nomination option.


CPF Nomination Process

After deciding on the nominees and the amounts they will receive, you will need to find 2 witnesses to witness your CPF nomination. They must be 21 years old and above and of sound mind.

You will need to submit the CPF nomination form online or in person.

To submit it online, you will need to login using your SingPass and provide your nominees’ and your witnesses’ NRIC details. Your witnesses will be notified and they will need to log into the CPF services website with their SingPass to confirm your intention to nominate. Subsequently, CPF will process your CPF nomination.

If you are submitting your CPF nomination in person, you will need to complete your CPF nomination form at a CPF service centre.  If you can, you should make a CPF nomination appointment has to be made at least 1 day in advance. You should bring a copy of the NRICs of yourself, your nominees and beneficiaries. The customer service executives can serve as your witnesses. Your application will be processed.


Revoke CPF Nomination

You can revoke your CPF nomination if there are changes in your life (such as a marriage, birth of child or death of nominee). Your CPF nomination will be revoked if you get married.

Your CPF nomination will not be revoked if you divorce your spouse or you have a new born child. However, if you were to remarry, your CPF nomination will be revoked.


Losing Mental Capacity After CPF Nomination

If you lose your mental capacity after making a CPF nomination, your existing CPF nomination will not be revoked unless the Court finds that you did not have mental capacity when making the CPF nomination or all nominees pass away before you. In such cases, your CPF monies will be distributed according to the Intestate Succession Act.


CPF Nomination Payout

CPF nomination payout will be made after your demise. The CPF board will write to the nominees and CPF monies will be distributed in cash or deposited into the nominees’ CPF accounts depending on the type of CPF nomination.


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